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How 3 grandmas rock a career in real estate

The trio of P.A. Properties’ top sales leaders share how they still thrive in their career while being doting grannies

(From left) Rosita Jarce, Imelda Mollasgo, and Maritess Flores share how they rock a career in real estate and being doting grandmas as well.

Now in their golden age, but Imelda Mollasgo, Maritess Flores, and Rosita Jarce are still on a high in their career as top performers of P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation’s (P.A. Properties) Granwood sales and marketing group.

Thriving despite challenges

Imelda Mollasgo, sales director from P.A. Properties says how you help your people would ensure not only their success, but yours too.

Mollasgo, 51, has been with the 23-year-old, Laguna-based real estate company for 20 years now. Her husband, a former marine engineer, joined Mollasgo a decade ago in P.A. Properties and is now assistant vice president for sales under the Magaling (excellent) group.

A service honoree and currently the sales director of the same  group, Mollasgo said that being a real estate agent has no limits in terms of income potentials. Being with P.A. Properties (a company known for their affordable housing projects not only in Laguna, but also in Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, and Metro Manila), shared she was able to purchase four house and lot packages from the company through her commissions and incentives. She also got to travel abroad, and remembered fondly the Asian cruise she joined.

Maritess Flores, assistant vice president for sales from P.A. Properties says her story serves as motivation for those starting from nothing.

Forty was the age when Flores, now 51, started her career in real estate, despite her husband’s constant jealousy and occasions he did not fully support her in this endeavor.

Now assistant vice president under the Matibay (sturdy) group, Flores tearfully recalled how she really started from nothing as their house was burned down. They started to rebuild through her winnings in raffle prizes sponsored by the company.

Now nine years in P.A. Properties, Flores wiped her tears dry, and recalled that she cried when she was included in a trip to Palawan for the company’s top sales performers – her firs time to ride an airplane.

“I really, really love my job, never mind if my husband didn’t like at first what I’m doing,” Flores said, and added that four of her five children were able to finish school because of her earnings in real estate (her youngest is still studying).

Rosita Jarce, division manager from P.A. Properties’ sales and marketing group says she would continue working because she finds fulfillment in sharing knowledge with others.

Jarce, 57, division manager from the Matatag (stable) group, has been with P.A. Properties’ sales and marketing group for 13 years now. She had a dress shop when she bought her house and lot from the company’s St. Joseph 7 project. Then, she was recruited to also sell the company’s projects, despite her husband’s jealousness and suspicions on what she was doing.

In between tears and laughter, Jarce, a widow, said in Filipino that in a way, she is thankful her husband was already gone and that nobody is questioning her anymore on why she chose to have a career in real estate, for which enabled her to a buy house and lot each for her two children.

Doting grandmas

(From left) Rosita Jarce, Maritess Flores, and Imelda Mollasgo share in fits of laughter and tears their motherhood to grandparenthood story, and how they found a career – and would continue to do so in P.A. Properties.

The “Golden Girls” of P.A. Properties indeed are proof that having a thriving career, raising a family – and now, raising grandchildren can all be breezily done.

Mollasgo, who has a son based in Malaysia, has now four grandchildren (three of them live with her and her husband). And despite working full-time, she said she is very much hands on in taking care of her apos.

She is thankful that her career affords her to provide the best care for her grandchildren – sending them to private schools and hiring a tutor and a house help for them. Describing herself as a multitasker, she still makes time to cook their meals, and at some point, even bathed them.

“It’s really true what they say: ‘mas mahal mo ‘yung apo mo kay sa sa anak mo’ (you love your grandkid more than your own kid),” she mused.

Flores, on the other hand, swore that she would not take care of her children’s children because she wanted them to learn how to raise their youngsters, like how she raised them. Now she is a doting granny, who enjoys bathing, taking selfies with and snapping videos of her grandchild’s antics. “Ang sarap pala talaga magkaroon ng apo (It’s really a delight to have a grandchild),” she smiled.

Jarce though did not have much luck with the previous nannies she hired to help her manage the household while she is away for work. One was stealing from them; the other was hurting her grandchild. Now, Jarce taps the help of her children-in-law to look after her apo when needed.

No excuses

Jarce said for as long as she could climb the stairs of the office building, ride and alight from a jeepney, there is no stopping her from thriving in her work with P.A. Properties.

“’Pag huminto ako, hahanapin ko ‘yung mga activities. ‘Pag nakikita ko ‘yung mga awards ko, mas lalo akong ginaganahan magpatuloy (If I stop, I’m going to miss the activities. When I see all my awards, the more I get motivated to continue),” Jarce said.

For Flores, she said her story serves as an example to those starting from scratch. She also advised the younger generation of real estate agents, brokers, and sellers to leave their problem at home as their job knows no time, and they are on the beck and call of the buyers. “Bakit ka nagtratrabaho? Para sa pamilya mo. Kaya mahalin mo ang trabaho mo. Pangalagaan mo ang pangalan mo. (Why are you working? For your family. So, love your job. Take care of your name),” she said.

Mollasgo proudly said that most of the top performing sales directors came from her group. She attributes her success also to the number of people she helped thrive in P.A. Properties. “I tell them, ‘make your buyer your agent.’ Focus only on one project. [That’s how I did, I’m doing it]. I don’t see myself working anywhere else. P.A. Properties will be the last company for me,” she stressed.


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