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P.A. Properties strengthens Health and Disaster Awareness among the Employees

SAN PEDRO CITY, Laguna – P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation (P.A. Properties) conducted its month-long campaign for September 2018, encouraging awareness and preparedness in disaster and health safety. In accordance with that, the company is dedicated into rigorously achieving goals to promote safe workplace environment for everyone.

The Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Trainees


P.A. Properties’ Corporate Safety & Protection Office (CSPO) kicked off The Health, Safety & Disaster Preparedness Month with an opening salvo of email newsletter tips on typhoon, flood and office safety and wellness, such as the hazards to look out for in every the workplace. The Bureau of Fire Protection of San Pedro City Fire Station, on the other hand, graced the second week of the campaign with a seminar on fire safety, prevention and protection, as delivered by Senior Fire Officer 2 May S. Quincena. Reminding the audience that being aware of the fire does not only save lives but also prevent further disasters linked to its dangers, she stated that no one should ever compromise safety over anything else. “It doesn’t always have to be the point persons and responders who will save a person from a disaster; awareness and preparedness start with one’s self. If you can save yourself, you can help others,” SFO2 Quincena instilled in every employee during her talk.  The afternoon seminar was led by Col. Narciso R. Alamag (RET), who talked about the dangers, precautions of before, during and after an earthquake.

The employees gather to extinguish the fire.


In partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) for the third week campaign, P.A. Properties carried out a bloodletting program involving 33 employees who successfully passed the screening for blood donation. For Ms. Charmaine, an Executive Assistant, donating blood has always been an act of gratitude for the assistance she received from P.A. Properties several years back. It was two years ago when the company helped her family during the times they are in need of blood for her father’s dialysis. Since then, she regularly participated in bloodletting drives that P.A. Properties in collaboration with Philippine Red Cross conducts. “I would like to thank God for giving me a family like P.A. Properties who is truly concerned about welfare of its employees, and the society as well,” she stated. This is the company’s 2nd donation drive since 14th of February this year.

The Blood Donors of P.A Properties


Lastly, the PRC also conducted an Occupational First Aid, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Training for the employees. The session taught the employees on how to act quickly during an emergency. The two day-training was comprised of lectures and learning sessions, exams, and demonstration of skills such as  bandaging techniques, splinting of injured body parts and lifting of victims, among others. The training lessons covered Health and Hazard Risks of First Aid, Emergency Action Principles, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the usage of defibrillator.

The PNRC trainees demonstrating drills.



About P.A. Properties:
For 23 years, Laguna-based P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation (P.A. Properties) has established itself a name in the competitive Philippine real estate industry by enabling the public to have their dream homes at affordable rates and payment schemes.

The company, which has already built about 19,000 housing units in Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, and Metro Manila, continues to embark on strategic expansion efforts to further build 15,000 more housing units in the next five years, thereby creating comfortable, safe, and joyful Filipino communities.

P.A. Properties, which has a capitalization of PHP2.8 billion (as of October 2017) and sales of P3.08 billion (in 2016), acknowledges that partnering with Hankyu Realty Co., Ltd. in developing ldesia would not only help the company grow its experience, expertise, and technology, but it will also help the company realize its advocacy of helping ease the more than 6 million housing backlog in the Philippines.

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