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5 ways to secure your home while you’re on vacay

“All my bags are packed; I’m ready to go…” Sounds familiar? But are you truly ready to make the most out of your vacation?

What about your home? Have you done all the necessary precautions to keep your home safe while you are away for a long weekend or a whole summer month?

Worry no more as P.A. Properties share these five tips to keep your home safe and secure while you are on vacation:

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We Filipinos constantly rank globally as fond of taking selfies.  However avoid broadcasting your vacation details, especially on social media.  Refrain from posting where you are and how long you would be gone to keep the burglars away.

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Have a kapitbahay (neighbor) keep an eye on your house while you are away. If you trust them 100%, then you can also hand them a spare key so they can enter the house for emergency or to turn the lights on and off periodically. In return, bring them pasalubong (souvenir) and thank them for looking after your home.

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Invest in an online home monitoring system so you can check your house even while you are away. Some online home monitoring system lets you stream your installed CCTV by simply connecting your mobile phone through the internet. Your trusted neighbor may see and check your home from the outside, but if that is the case, they have no idea what might have gone inside, especially at night.

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Retrieve those hidden keys under the welcome mat, plant, or disguised rock. Most of the burglars know this trick to give them an easy access to your home. Put the spare key inside the house, bring it with you during vacation, or entrust the spare to your trusted neighbor.

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Before leaving, unplug all non-essential appliances like television, microwave, and lamps. This will not only protect your home from power surge or electrical fire, it is also an effective way to reduce electrical consumption while you are away.