7 Daily Habits that can Improve the Quality of Your Life

Being kind to others is a virtue taught to us since we were little, and during the Lenten Season, this idea is being further encouraged as we are reminded of God’s love and commandments. However, when we fully commit our hearts to look after other people, we sometimes forget the most important person we also ought to give kindness to — ourselves.

Showing kindness to oneself is not just about buying things we want, pampering ourselves, or going on a trip. Taking the hard road of feeding our minds with good thoughts and building good habits that require time and patience is also a part of this. 

The kindness we provide ourselves will eventually overflow and pour out, and we can’t help but extend it to others. 

Here are some good habits that you can start on your own and practice at home and later on share with other people:

1. Start your day with gratitude.

Practice a positive attitude of voicing out the things you feel grateful for. When you focus on gratitude, you’ll attract more positive energies and abundance. It’ll be delightful to see that the things you appreciate vary and increase day by day. 

2. Always eat breakfast.

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Your first food intake can affect your energy for the whole day. Lunch and dinner are also equally important, but breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, stimulates the brain, and gives you the energy to get things done throughout the day. Do not wait for your stomach to grumble before you decide to start a timely diet.

3. Do a regular workout routine.

We know it is easier to laze around, watch movies and wait for the day to pass. And we know that work and household chores are tiring, but let us not use that as an excuse to refuse exercise. Show kindness to the body gifted to you by making it strong and fit. Your body will thank you later on for taking good care of it.

Once you get used to your routines, do it with your family or friends to promote a healthy lifestyle.

4. Read a book.

What goes in, goes out. Feeding your minds with knowledge and words that improve your mindset can go a long way in the future. Reading also helps develop vocabulary, improves focus, reduces stress, and helps you gain a better understanding of life through the eyes of other people and a broader perspective of the world.

5. Write your thoughts.

Free your mind from thoughts that no longer serve you, or maybe write a journal to keep records of the things you have been through, both good or bad, like hurdles you’ve passed, things you accomplished, things you are struggling with right now, and what you learned from them.

Isn’t it nice to keep your memories intact? One day you’ll be surprised to see how strong you have become.

6. Start and end your day with a prayer.

Prayer is a conversation solely between you and God. Through prayer, you can communicate your hopes, sorrows, worries — everything. Surrendering everything to the Lord through prayers allows Him to open your heart, ease your burdens, and give you a sense of peace.

7. Keep things tidy and organized.

You don’t exactly have to clean the whole house every day, but making the bed, picking up clutters, and keeping things organized will do their job in keeping your physical and mental well-being healthy. A tidy place induces rest and reduces stress. And if having your own home to clean and organize sounds good, check out homes from P.A. Properties.

Developing these small habits requires a lot of determination, effort, and practice — but nothing that good old hard work & patience cannot solve. Failing along the way is inevitable, but as long as you pick up where you left off and keep moving forward — it will all surely be paid off. 

Build a good lifestyle out of these habits and share them with other people so they may start improving their lives too. What could be a better act of kindness than this?

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