A Throwback: Millennials’ Pre-pandemic School Years

Break-time or lunch-time huddles with our peers, after-school gala, and school social events such as intramurals, foundation days, or prom nights are just a few things that remind us of our days at school. For us who were lucky enough to have experienced it, academic learning at school was fun in credit to those events, but what made it more precious were the moments that seemed trivial but became memories we cherish later on.

When the pandemic hit globally, online classes became the initial solution to move forward academically. It was somewhat effective to most, and it had its perks for students, teachers, and parents alike, but there were certain kinds of experiences that they had missed out on. From a millennial’s perspective, here are some of the best moments that the current generation might have missed out in this new normal way of schooling:  

1. Having a P.E. Class

Back then, having a P.E. class would mean gathering and running around the gym or open field depending on the activities set in the curriculum. Being young and fun-seeking students, we try to compare and brag about speed records on a 100m dash with friends and laugh about it.

Today, for those in online classes, even a simple skipping rope activity would require recording oneself and submitting a video.

2. Music Jam on Breaks

There is always a person in the class — part of a music club or not — who brings a musical instrument to school, usually a guitar. Since music was a common denominator for students back in the day, it kept them bonded during break times, and some rock bands were formed this way.

Love for music cannot be taken away from the current generation, but the experience and opportunity to share the fun of an actual jam with somebody else is slim — to none.

3. Lunch in Cafeterias or Classrooms

Building friendships and relationships start during lunch breaks or afternoon breaks. Students back then usually eat with their circle of friends in the school cafeteria or any suitable place where they could all fit in, like classrooms or lounges.

Today, the younger generation has chat rooms and game rooms to interact and connect. Being physically present for each other is something that they will miss inevitably.

4. A Heated Class Debate

In former times, a face-to-face debate made students very active and participative. It was fun for them to see the opposing party’s reactions because there was no off-cam option. Adding fuel to the fun were the class’ funny and jest banters, and the growing tension between opposing parties brought a whole new level of joy to learn. From that experience, students learned to gauge their peers’ emotions and read body language — which was very helpful in honing their social quotient (SQ).

With today’s social media, no one regulates discourses anymore. Everyone just wants to say their piece which results in some relationships turning sour, and some people are being canceled without their side of the story being heard.

5. School Sweethearts and Love Teams

Forming love teams in classrooms and teasing them brought fun to our peers in class back then. This becomes a topic to laugh about and reminisce about during reunions or alumni homecoming.

In school before, you can witness actual courting during school events or normal school days, but now,  SMS, chats, or sending mixed signals on social media became the norm during the pandemic.

6. After School Gala

Compared to the current schooling that has a lot of restrictions going on, surely millennials had the best time in their youth. Going for an afterschool stroll with friends on favorite hangouts while still wearing uniforms is one of the best experiences a student could have and cherish. They build their network by meeting peers of different ages, genders, and schools.

Almost spending the whole day with peers at school and bonding with them outside may feel not enough, but somehow it leaves lingering happiness and makes us look forward to tomorrow’s fun.

7. Going Home to your Family

With virtual classes, students are in their room or study corner most of the time. But returning to face-to-face classes, going home, and looking forward to a good rest and home-cooked meals brings delight to their hearts.

We can’t also forget a child’s excitement as they tell us their new experiences and things they have learned outside their homes. This level of excitement increases when you have a good & more comfortable home. Visit P.A. Properties for a wide selection of houses your children might love.

Virtually or not, education is important, but learning at school like how the millennials experienced pre-pandemicly has a different vibe and meaning on it. Millennials learned academic stuff, socialized and made friends, built connections, and created memories together physically and not on screens. These kinds of moments at school are what we like the young ones to experience too and happily share with their families at home.

As schools gradually open and transition to face-to-face classes, we hope to see them have the best experiences they could have outside their homes independently — even greater than what millennials had back then.

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