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Affordable rates and easy payment schemes enable developer to corner south of Manila market

EVERY Filipino family aspires of having a home to call their own, yet for many, becoming a homeowner may seem like a far distant reality. One company decided to get something done 24 years ago when it developed a community for 200 middle-class families in San Pedro, Laguna.

“It all started in 1994 with St. Joseph Village 1—named after St. Joseph the Worker—that completely sold out in just four months. It made me realize then, of that huge demand for affordably priced homes especially in the provinces south of Metro Manila where at the time, investment inflows are getting stronger, potential for job creation is big, and creating a well-planned counter-magnet developments to a heavily congested metropolis makes sense,” says P.A. Properties Chairman Romarico “Bing” Alvarez.

With this realization, Alvarez set his sights on “putting a roof over the heads of Filipino families which they can truly call their own—at a price they can afford.”

According to experts, the aspirations of potential homebuyers have undergone significant change over the years. “For buyers, especially millennials, it is no longer about just owning a house or purchasing the biggest property they can afford. Homes have become a means of self-expression,” points out Jonathan Lu, P.A. Properties President. “Today’s home buyers are young, demanding and discriminating. Rising income levels, as well as their easy access to credit fueled by banks have boosted the aspirations of a growing consumer base.”

Buying the dream home can be a very expensive affair, yet homebuyers are not averse to stretching their savings to the limit to make it happen. Since banks do not lend more than 70% of the value of the property, at the outset, the buyer has to shell out a lump sum as down payment of the house. Most end up taking a large chunk out of their life savings to make this payment and secure the home loan. For the most part, a number of homebuyers are sinking in more than 50% of their total savings into the down-payment itself.

These nuances (and more) of home ownership were taken into account by Alvarez and Lu, as the company started offering easy payment options for Filipinos who dream of having their own home.

So far, the company is succeeding: To date, P.A. Properties has completed a total of 40 affordably priced housing communities, equivalent to over 19,000 units. With 16 housing communities still being developed, the company says 25 more projects, estimated to generate P25 billion in revenues, are now in the pipeline.

Indeed, for a P3.3 billion company that began with an initial capitalization of just P300,000, P.A. Properties is starting to make its mark in the affordable housing market and is now highly recognized and well-received in communities where it operates, particularly in the provinces of Laguna, Cavite, Bulacan and Batangas.

Apart from affordable payment schemes, P.A. Properties also adopted aggressive strategies designed to help the company realize its business goals.  “P.A. Properties underscores the power of linkages, collaboration and technology in its journey toward achieving its vision and thrust to help assist the government bridge that gap in home ownership. We wanted to make sure that we could keep home ownership very much alive because home ownership anchors a neighborhood,” says Lu.

In the process, both Alvarez and Lu came up with an ideal blueprint for the company’s success: Focus on empowering people, strengthening partnerships and adopting technology as critical factors in achieving the company’s vision.


About P.A. Properties:
For 24 years, Laguna-based P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation (P.A. Properties) has established itself a name in the competitive Philippine real estate industry by enabling the public to have their dream homes at affordable rates and payment schemes.

The company, which has already built about 19,000 housing units in Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, and Metro Manila, continues to embark on strategic expansion efforts to further build 15,000 more housing units in the next five years, thereby creating comfortable, safe, and joyful Filipino communities.

P.A. Properties, which has a capitalization of PHP3.3 billion (as of October 2018), acknowledges that partnering with Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corporation in developing ldesia would not only help the company grow its experience, expertise, and technology, but it will also help the company realize its advocacy of helping ease the more than 6 million housing backlog in the Philippines.

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