Be Kind: We Are and We Can

Kindness ⁠— a positive trait that is inherent to us and further strengthened by practice in our religion, education, and society. As children, we were taught to act based on love and goodness. However, when encountering difficulties, we sometimes tend to be selfish as an effect of our survival instincts. After all, we are only human. 

While we cannot be perfect in society’s eyes, there is no harm in trying to be kind whenever possible. It provides a benefit that even money cannot buy ⁠— it warms our hearts. To have more of this positive vibe within us, here is how and where we can share this kindness forward:

1. Be Kind to Yourself

Kindness always starts with ourselves — we can only give what we have. It is our responsibility to fill our own cups — in order to extend our kindness to others wholeheartedly. Have proper meals, get enough sleep, and enrich your skills & knowledge. From time to time, take a trip to places your heart desires. Find the things you are most passionate about and explore yourself.

Let’s be kind to ourselves because we are, and we can.

2. Be Kind to Animals

We, human beings, are not the sole creatures who live in this world. Other life forms coexist with us, like animals. You can show your kindness to them by giving them food or water — especially to those who don’t have owners and are wandering on the streets. If it’s not too much, provide shelter or a forever home that can keep them safe. 

Be kind to animals because we are, and we can.

3. Be Kind to Colleagues

Most of us have already experienced how stressful a workplace can be. Even if we can handle pressure well and survive every day, some struggle a lot. If you see such and are capable of lending a hand, then do so. It doesn’t have to be shouldering their personal tasks, but you can teach them some techniques or suggest solutions to make their day-to-day work easier. Ask if something is troubling them or give them compliments to lighten their mood and boost their morale. 

Be kind to colleagues because we are, and we can.

4. Be Kind to those in Need

There are already charities and foundations that do such kindness, but it doesn’t mean we cannot help on our own. As we are currently in the monsoon season, many typhoons have already passed our country. Some areas are unfortunate and widely affected and need assistance. It is very timely to provide relief goods and clothes. Even in little ways, we can help them start life over again. 

Be kind to the needy because we are, and we can.

5. Be Kind to Those Who are Challenged

There will be times in our lives when we will be challenged and sometimes feel we are at our lowest. Few are lucky to have someone around that can support them to cope. For those who are physically or mentally challenged, be more considerate of their feelings and situation. They are already having it hard, do not make life harder for them. Instead, be their source of strength. 

Be kind to the challenged because we are, and we can.

5. Be Kind to Your Loved Ones

There is a lot we can do to show kindness to our family — give hugs, say thank you, help with chores, or listen to their problems. Those might be small acts of kindness, but it is our language of love for them. If you want to make a grander one, try giving them a new home. That, for sure, will bring so much joy.

 Be kind to the ones we love and love us back because we are, and we can.

A small act of kindness can create a ripple effect. The good deeds we do for ourselves, animals, colleagues, challenged, those in need, and our families can eventually reach and positively affect even the farthest communities. So, let us be kind whenever possible because we are, and we can.

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