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The Whys of a Smart Millennial’s Real Estate Investments

Money is essential to survive in the society we are living in today. To do so, we should be capable enough to afford food we bring down to our table, shelter to keep us safe, health care, and other essential services. A thousand pesos is not enough for a week, it will only last a…
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Easy Practices to Achieve Sustainable Lifestyle

You may have heard of this trend and movement about “sustainable living or sustainable lifestyle”. It is a practice where one prioritizes the use of natural and renewable resources instead of consuming and depleting environmental resources for future generations. Back in the 1960s, the back-to-the-land movement transpired; in the 1980s, Brundtland Report defined sustainable living…
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Where is the BEST PLACE for me to settle based on my personality?

We all know that we must spend our hard-earned savings on things that are worth it, just like your dream home. But the question is, where is the best place for your dream home? P.A. Properties have a wide range and variety of homes all over South Luzon that you will surely fall in love…
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Why Should South Luzon Be Your Next Home?

We can’t deny the charm of the Metropolis. Its city lights, contemporary lifestyle, and fast-paced urban living is such a dream for everyone. However, throughout the years, it significantly became more and more saturated. Its decreasing land availability and congested roads has been challenging for some, but overwhelming for others, which has led the majority…
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