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4 Partners in Your Path to Homeownership

When deciding to buy your dream home, keep in mind that you will never be alone in this journey. A lot of significant people will be your partners in this path to homeownership, and they will make choosing and acquiring your future home a lot easier. Here are the four (4) partners you will encounter…
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Start at Your Home: Putting End to Gender Stereotypes

Being born male or female is never our choice; Scientifically, we have labeled assigned sex upon birth based on anatomy. However, these labels do not consider how a person truly feels inside. An individual may identify himself as male, female, somewhere in between, or something else altogether.  Gender is much more complex than it seems…
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What Do Moms Really Mean When They Say Their Classic Mom Lines

Mothers are superhuman beings. They give more than enough, love us, and care for us ⁠— but sometimes nag a lot too. Each mom is unique, but they are alike in terms of having immense love for their loved ones even though they express it in different manners. It is funny to find some similarities…
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7 Daily Habits that can Improve the Quality of Your Life

Being kind to others is a virtue taught to us since we were little, and during the Lenten Season, this idea is being further encouraged as we are reminded of God’s love and commandments. However, when we fully commit our hearts to look after other people, we sometimes forget the most important person we also…
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