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Contact any of our accredited brokers/salespersons to discuss the details of the project and to obtain more information about the property, available house models, amenities and financing options.

Schedule a visit with an accredited broker/salesperson to view the house models and the exact location of the project, your preferred house and lot unit and the actual deliverable house units for better appreciation.

After choosing your preferred block, lot and house model, fill-out the necessary forms such as Reservation Agreement and Buyer’s Information Sheet. You will also need to submit three (3) basic reservation documents i.e., Government issued ID, Proof of Income and Proof of Billing.

Once the forms have been signed, our Sales Booking Assistant will brief you on the following: General Purchase Terms and Conditions, Financing terms and Documentary requirements. After the briefing, sign the interview sheet to signify your agreement to the terms and conditions discussed.

Pay the reservation fee to formalize purchase. When you receive the official receipt, you will be notified of your exclusive Customer Identification Number by Home Info Plus or Hi+ via SMS and email. Hi+ will regularly give you updates on the status of your account and purchase. It is a mobile application that allows you access to your account information with just a touch. To end the reservation process, you will then be asked to sign the Contract to Sell.

A representative from our Document compliance group will contact you with regards to other documentary requirements needed for your preferred financing option. They will assist you until loan take-out.

A representative from our Property Management group will inform you if your dream house is ready for inspection and turn-over. They will assist you on any concern you may have regarding your purchase.

Should you have other concerns or queries, our Customer Care representatives are always available to give you valuable assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started in acquiring a property from P.A. Properties?
    Simply provide us your query and contact details, and we shall get back to you immediately to facilitate your reservation.
  • I am a foreigner. can I purchase a property from P.A. Properties?Philippine laws provide for limitations on ownership of real property by foreign nationals. Foreign nationals seeking to purchase real properties from P.A. Properties are encouraged to consult with P.A. Properties Sales and Marketing to be guided accordingly.
  • I am a Filipino citizen. Can I purchase a property even if I am abroad?Yes. Simply designate your authorized representative in the Philippines and execute a Special Power of Attorney to formalize said designation. Your representative must be authorized to act on your behalf to transact with P.A. Properties relative to your purchase of a property. Said Special Power of Attorney should be properly notarized. Should you execute said Special Power of Attorney while in a foreign country, go to the nearest Philippine Consulate to have the Special Power of Attorney duly authenticated. As soon as you provide us a copy of said Special Power of Attorney, we shall furnish your representative the necessary sales documents for execution.
  • What documents should I submit to P.A. Properties in buying a property?The following documents must be submitted to P.A. Properties prior to reservation:
    1. Proof of Income (1 month latest payslip, Job/employment contract, pay slip, Income Tax Return)
    2. Any Government ID ( passport, driver’s license, SSS, TIN, PRC, Voter’s ID, postal ID)

    Upon reservation, the buyer shall be required to accomplish and sign the Buyer’s Information Sheet, Reservation Agreement and the Contract-to-Sell. For those transacting through a representative, a Special Power of Attorney must be submitted.

    Within 30 days from reservation, a buyer shall be required to submit the following:

    1. 3 pieces 1×1 ID picture (if married, the ID picture of the spouse should also be submitted)
    2. Birth certificate, if single. Marriage contract, if married
    3. Residence certificate
  • What are the available financing options?The following are your financing options:
    1. Pag-IBIG Fund housing loan – for PAG-IBIG fund members payable up to 30 years (maximum).
    2. Deferred Cash Payment – the total contract price is payable for 12 months without interest
    3. In-house Financing for 5, 7, or 10 years at affordable fixed interest rates per annum depending on the term of loan
    4. Direct-End Buyer’s Financing or Bank Financing from the list of our accredited banks
  • Where can payments be made?
    Payments are accepted only at the P.A. Properties Head Office in San Pedro, Laguna. For in-house and deferred payment plan, buyers can issue post-dated checks that will cover the monthly payments both on the equity and the balance as amortized over the preferred term. For Pag-IBIG financed units, buyers can pay Pag-IBIG Fund through P.A. Properties in view of the latter’s Collection Servicing Agreement with Pag-IBIG Fund. Post-dated checks can likewise be issued by the buyer that will cover the monthly amortizations payable to Pag-IBIG Fund. For direct-end buyer’s financing, payment on the equity should likewise be made directly to P.A. Properties. However, the balance being financed by the bank should be paid directly to the financing bank.
  • I am based abroad. How can I make payments?Buyers who are based abroad may issue post-dated checks that will cover their payment for the entire term. Direct fund transfers to the account of P.A. Properties can also be done through bank to bank arrangement. Details on this concern will be provided to the buyers during reservation.
  • Is there adequate water and power system facility in your projects?Yes. The water system facility of every P.A. Properties project is competently managed and handled by St. Joseph Water Services Corporation (SJWSC). SJWSC has the capability of operating at 100% capacity based on the density of units in each project. The power system is provided by MERALCO, ensuring that each unit is power cable ready that can be energized upon the installation of the electric meter.
  • Do your plans allow future expansion of the house?Yes. The units are very functional in design and allow future expansion or redesign but it must follow the expansion/renovation guidelines and restrictions being implemented by the Estate Administration Department of P.A. Properties.
  • Do I need to pay certain fees before I can move-in?Yes. Move-in fees will be collected after the buyer has accepted the unit and has attended the move-in orientation by the Estate Administration. The move-I fee is inclusive of utilities connection and condominium corporation association dues.
  • Are your houses ready for occupancy? When can we move-in?Generally, the packages being offered are not yet ready for occupancy. There are Ready-For-Occupancy (RFO) units in certain projects which, however, are limited in number. Buyers are allowed to move-in to the units as soon as document and payment requirements are met and the unit construction is completed.
  • What are the products offered by P.A. Properties?P.A. Properties offers a fine selection of house models with lot areas ranging from 40 square meters to 120 square meters. Houses vary from single attached, single detached, row house, townhouse and condominium units. Floor areas are ranges from 21 to 84 square meters.
  • Where are the projects of P.A. Properties located?P.A. Properties projects are concentrated in the high growth areas of the Province of Laguna where major industrial complexes are located, particularly in the municipalities of San Pedro, Biñan, Sta. Rosa City, Cabuyao and Calamba City. On-going projects are located in Sta. Rosa City, specifically Ciudad de San Jose and St. Joseph Richfield; Cabuyao, the St. Joseph Homes; in Dasmarinas Cavite, the St. Joseph Ridgeview; the company’s condominium project, the San Jose Residencias is situated in Sta. Rosa City.. All of the foregoing projects have existing residential communities.
  • Why should I choose P.A. Properties over other developers?P.A. Properties has set the track record of building better and high quality houses in Laguna. It has more than 17 years of solid performance in subdivision development backed by highly professional sales force and buyer-friendly corporate staff and officers. P.A. Properties projects are products of well-crafted master plan created by seasoned Engineers and Architects which comprise the technical team, among others. The features and amenities for each project are tailored-fit to the type of development and concept for each subdivision. The houses are in simple but very functional designs that suit the taste and preferences of the buyers, and its durability is guaranteed by P.A. Properties. Affordable financing packages are likewise made available by P.A. Properties that suit the payment capacity of the buyers.
  • Are properties in your projects secure enough?Yes. All P.A. Properties projects are manned by 24-hour security personnel posted at the entrance gate of each project that monitors people and traffic going to and from the subdivision premises.
  • How many storeys does your condominium have?To date, P.A. Properties is developing four to five storey buildings.

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