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Join P.A. Properties, the 24-year-old Filipino corporation known for providing affordable, beautiful, durable, low- to medium-costs housing, residential projects in Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, and Metro Manila.

We are in need of individuals who are passionate for excellence, adaptable, values progressive partnership, dynamic, and customer-oriented to fill the following vacancies:

Application Developer

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Responsible for translating into computer language the analysis and review of the business flow of operations.
    • Responsible for resolving issues and perform updates for program enhancement with the objective of improving the processing time to generate information through web developer.
    • Creates data mining facilities in form of reports and data extraction.
    • Coordinates with training and documentation team for the creation of user’s manual and provide technical documentation for vertical solution.
    • Provides assistance to the development team in the system’s analysis and design for every project being developed and perform quality assurance on the developed application by the other team.
    • Prepares monthly accomplishment report to be submitted to supervisor in charge.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of B.S. Computer Science or any computer-related course
    • With at least two (2) years work experience in Software Development
    • Knowledgeable in various software, and networks (LAN/WAN), a MCITP. MCTS, MCPD
    • With Good communication and interpersonal skills

Collection Services Agreement / Conversion Assistant

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Gathers and collates documents needed for submission to registry of deeds.
    • Checks completeness of documents for entry to registry of deeds (RD).
    • Checks technical description in deed of absolute sale (DOAS) and conversion of title vs. the technical description with the engineering copy.
    • Collates documents and converted titles needed for submission to HDMF.
    • Gathers and collates documents needed for application of tax declaration under buyer’s name.
    • Prepares request for payment needed for registry of deeds.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of a 4-year Business course or any related course
    • With at least 1 year experience in general clerical work
    • With Good communications and human relations skills

Customer Care Assistant

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Responds to the concerns of walk-in and phone-in customer accordingly based on the standard policies and procedures of the company. Observe proper escalation and provide regular updates accordingly.
    • Accepts, handles and answers all construction related queries issues and concern including endorsed by other department, units and business partners. Ensure timely updating of each unit’s progress.
    • Answers the phone promptly in the business center.
    • Consults and help-out in resolving customers’ concern(s) and suggest effective recommendation when necessary.
    • Regularly monitors and generates transactions and statistical reports, and summarizes Survey Box Result in a monthly basis.
    • Close coordination with other departments in order to;
      1. Provides advice on fostering customer care culture
      2. Implements standards for customer care servicing and issue escalation
      3. Reviews processes, when necessary
      4. Provides updates on customers’ concern
    • Regular reminder and guidance for front liners in exerting all efforts in answering customers’ complaints to avoid passing the concern from one department to another.
    • Work together with the Champions of each departments/units in the delivery of the highest of customer service level and customer satisfaction.
    • Properly accepts, coordinates and endorse various requests/complaints letters of buyers with the concerned department for proper handling.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of Any 4-year Business Course.
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • With Customer skills such as Time Management and has the ability to “Read” Customers.

Database Administrator

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Ensures effective performance of databases by closely coordinating with the end-users and responding to their issues and concerns.
    • Schedules and coordinates programs and projects; provides administrative support to cross-functional departments and to management.
    • Determines user requirements, sets up computer databases, tests and coordinates changes.
    • Administers organization’s database using database management systems to organize and store data.
    • Handles monitoring of performance and managing the parameters to provide fast query responses to front-end users.
    • Modifies database programs to increase processing performance, referred to as performance tuning.
    • Performs database design and implementation for DB2, Z/QS databases including SQL analysis, performance tuning, back -up and recovery.
    • Reviews and corrects programs; confers with users to determine the impact of database changes on other systems and staff cost for making changes in the database.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of BS Computer Science or any computer-related course
    • With at least three (3) years work experience in Information Technology, including one (1) year experience in database management

I.T. Process and Standards Specialist

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Develops and implements IT system for business as usual projects, new requirements and process which needs improvements.
    • Conducts compliance audit of processes, workflow, documentation and data.
    • Serves as a quality control for IT process for the entire IT department and its partners, which includes IT vendor management, technology procurement in the field of Information Technology.
    • Managing, mentoring and training employees in new technology being implemented by IT which includes new process, new standards, Information security, quality system procedures, process workflow and regulatory compliance requirements in coordination with the service owner of the process/services.
    • Reviewing quality outputs for compliance to internal and external requirements for technology related processes.
    • Reviewing and assessing appropriateness of document changes, document history and document control in accordance with internal procedures.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of B.S. Computer Science or any computer-related course
    • With at least five (5) years work experience in Senior level in Information Technology
    • Knowledgeable in various software and networks application.
    • Must be keen and possess a working knowledge of the basic application of IT best practices, processes and standards.

Loans Processing Assistant

  • Job description:
    • Process home loans application to assigned bank and delivery of assigned functions based on department standard timeline/KRAs.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
      Job Objective – Ensure delivery of assigned functions to meet department KRAs based on department standard timeline.

    • Receives turned-over accounts from Document Compliance Group – physical folder acceptance and system acceptance NOAH.
    • Prepares application of seasoned accounts.
    • Process approved accounts – awaiting letter of guarantee.
    • Monitors accounts with bank findings.
    • Monitors the change of scheme accounts.
    • Monitor accounts with letter of guarantee.
    • Prepares f DOAS and necessary attachment.
    • Sends original TCT to bank and other developer documents.
    • Receives and routes loan documents to developer authorized signatories.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of any business-related course
    • With experience in end-user bank financing housing loans processing
    • Good written and oral communication skills


  • Job description:
    • The Project-in-Charge manages and coordinates all aspects in different phases of the project. From the pre-construction stage, construction stage up to post-construction phase. He provides leadership and directs all groups involved in the success of the project.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Plans the over-all and specific requirement of the project (Housing, Land Development, Amenities)
    • Implements the project activities based on the schedule desired quality, within budget and safe manner.
    • Implements serious housekeeping program.
    • Prepares complete report that will update head office about status of issues/concerns and recommended resolution developed with the site team.
    • Coordinates with other department in order to resolve concerns that they may help.
    • Establishes meaningful relationship with relevant authorities.
    • Manages and controls the deliverables commitment of admin/sub-con.
    • Monitors and controls project performance.
    • Turn-over and preparation of project close-out.
    • Prepares and submits project operating plan.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of B.S. Civil Engineering preferably with license.
    • With at least (6) six years to ten (10) years work experience in construction related functions.
    • With basic computer skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Good interpersonal skills

Property Administrator

  • Job description:
    • Responsible for turn-over of units to buyer, attend HOA concern, peace and order, upkeep and maintenance of the subdivision including its amenities, and also responsible for maintaining of all RFO units.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Administers the readiness and friendly turn-over of the “Ready for Occupancy” units to homeowners.
    • Monitors and administers the day to day monitoring of subdivision upkeep, maintenance, security, peace and order and healthy environment of the subdivision.
    • Strictly enforce the Subdivision Deed of Restrictions and Rules and Regulation.
    • Coordinates with other departments in terms of promotions, events, collections, payment and requisitions.
    • Attends and accommodate buyers during their inspection and move-in, to guide and provide technical assistance in their inspection.
    • Address various complaints of homeowners and refer to each department concerns.
    • Prepares weekly reports to provide the department all the necessary data with regards to move-in statistics, by inspection and update of the status of RFO units, move-in and others.
    • Inspects and accepts the units upon completion of construction.
    • Attends to buyers’ concerns and provide necessary service on their transfer.
    • Facilitates efficient feedback system/coordination, communication that encourages inputs and information dissemination through constant follow-ups by way of all means of communications.
    • Recommends systems/method for continuous personal enhancement of trade development by attending work development and improvement by attending work-related seminars and other skills enhancement programs.
    • Performs other works which will be required by the management from time to time.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of BS Civil Engineering/ Architectural; Accounting/ Business Course
    • With at least 4 to 5 year experience in Property Management
    • With good communication skills and human relation skills

Sales Training and Recruitment Assistant

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Assists in the recruitment, accreditation and reactivation of brokers through the following:
      1. Prepars the necessary documents needed for the accreditation of brokers
      2. Interviews brokers who are subject for accreditation or reactivation
      3. Ensures that the newly accredited brokers and their agents attend the B.E.S.T. training program
      4. Disseminates all announcements, new guidelines and other memoranda affecting brokers’ various sales campaign activities through FAX, calls and text messages.
      5. Conducts visits to brokers to ensure and encourage accredited brokers to generate sales.
      6. Entertains various inquiries of brokers, agents and their buyers; coordinates with the proper department for the immediate response.
    • Assists on the various functions of the Brokers Management Team which includes but not limited to the following:
      1. Site orientation
      2. Project briefing and updating
      3. Saturation drives & distribution of leaflets
      4. Mini and grand open houses
      5. Blessing and launching of new projects and new models
      6. Brokers’ assemblies and recognition
      7. Seminars and training programs
      8. Tenting and manning schedule
      9. Other selling activities and marketing events such housing fairs, mall exhibits and product exhibition
    • Accepts and prepares requests for commissions of brokers and agents; prepares cash advances on commission of qualified brokers and agents
    • Encodes new buyers’ information/ledgers in the Management Information System (MIS).
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of any business-related course.
    • With at least one (1) year work experience in Sales, preferably in the real estate industry
    • Proficient in written and oral communication skills
    • With high customer service orientation

Technical Assistant (Civil Engineer)

  • Job description:
    • Provides assistance and service to buyers in transferring to their new home and settlement to the new community, to achieve the company’s objective by producing happy homeowners, through providing the quality standard homes and fine living condition at a reasonable cost.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Assists buyer on application for permit to construct/renovate and on the refund of construction bond, ensure that buyers are qualified to make any improvement on their units and for the immediate release of its permit and bond by checking requirements and discussing the construction policies and procedures.
    • Ensures that utilities such as water and power are present and available on the date of buyers’ move-in to make sure that the unit owners for transfer are with water and electric connection by preparing request for energization on time and by closely coordinating with St. Joseph Water Services and Construction on the status of application.
    • Monitors and give full attention to buyers complains to make sure that immediate action are done to rectify it through coordination with the Property Administrator for proper actions to be taken and give feedback to buyers if action were already taken.
    • Informs buyers on the status of their units if ready for acceptance, handle buyers’ queries and complaints both telephone calls and walk-in buyers to satisfy their needs and to relieve the company on its maintenance by sending them notices and answering letters from buyers.
    • Orients (subdivision/ house rules and regulations) and assist buyers on their application to construct/ renovate/ extend. Evaluate and recommend for approval the house construction/ renovation/ extension bond application and refund.
    • Reviews and recommend for approval the buyer request for house modification and alterations before construction such as deletion of kitchen counter, air conditioning unit hole, etc.
    • Provides monthly Move-in report such as reports on buyers with acceptance and buyers with approved authority to move-in to give management with needed data through weekly consolidation of reports and assessment from all project sites.
    • Facilitates efficient feedback system/ coordination, communication that encourages inputs and information dissemination through constant follow-ups by way of all means of communications.
    • Suggests systems/method for continuous personal enhancement of trade development by attending work development and improvement by attending work-related seminars and other skills enhancement programs.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of Engineering or Architecture
    • With at least 3 years work experience in Property Management
    • Knowledgeable in MS Office
    • With good interpersonal skills