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Join P.A. Properties, the 25-year-old Filipino corporation known for providing affordable, beautiful, durable, low- to medium-costs housing, residential projects in Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, and Metro Manila.

We are in need of individuals who are passionate for excellence, adaptable, values progressive partnership, dynamic, and customer-oriented to fill the following vacancies:

Construction Workers

  • Job description:
    • Participate in a variety of construction projects and follow construction plans and instructions from the immediate superiors.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Taking apart or constructing scaffolding, bracing and other temporary structures for the construction site.
    • Digging trenches and backfill holes to prepare for the construction site.
    • Operating equipment and heavy machinery used in construction sites.
    • Following instructions from construction project managers and supervisors.
    • Loading and unloading building materials.
    • Cleaning the construction site by removing hazards materials and debris from the worksite.
    • Assisting craft workers such as carpenters or electricians with their duties, if needed.
  • Qualifications:
    • No formal qualification is required, although a high school diploma may be preferred
    • Similar work experience may be beneficial
    • Licensure to work with hazardous materials
    • Willingness to undertake training if necessary
    • Mild-tempered and a team player
    • Healthy, strong, and fit

Database Administrator

  • Job description:
    • Responsible for close coordination with development and end-users to determine application data access requirements, transaction rates, volume analysis and other pertinent data required to develop and maintain integrated databases.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Ensure effective performance of databases by closely coordinating with the end-users and responding to their issues and concerns.
    • Schedule and coordinate programs and projects; provide administrative support to cross-functional departments and to the Management.
    • Determine user requirements, set up computer databases, test and coordinate changes.
    • Administer organization’s database using database management systems to organize and store data.
    • Monitor the performance and manage parameter to provide fast query response to front-end users.
    • Modify database programs to increase processing performance, referred to as performance tuning.
    • Perform database design and implementation for MS SQL databases including SQL analysis, performance tuning, back-up and recovery.
    • Review and correct programs; confer with users to determine the impact of database changes on other systems and staff cost for making changes in the database.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of Computer Science or any computer-related course
    • With at least three (3) years work experience in Information Technology, including one (1) year experience in database management
    • Knowledge in various software such as MS SQL, MSSSRS, Tableau and Technical documentation
    • Good communications and human relation skills

Project Engineer

  • Job description:
    • Oversee and supervise all construction and repair works involved in Barangay Langgam Project, e.g. construction of seven units at St. Joseph Village 9 and St. Joseph Village 10, MRF at SanJos Market and repair works at Puregold Langgam.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Oversee and personally supervise the construction of house units for St. Joseph Village 9 and 10 and MRF for SanJos Market and repair works for Puregold Langgam.
    • Conduct inspection with contractors in every item of works with accordance to inspection checklist.
    • Responsible in maintaining safety, quality of work, timeliness of delivery, cleanliness of site and order in Langgam project.
    • Adheres to the company’s policies and procedures.
    • Coordinates with all project related personnel on the day-to-day progress of work activities, procurement and operations to ensure timely completion of the project.
    • Provides full support as required by the Management for all projects.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of BS Civil Engineering, preferably Licensed
    • With at least three (3) years relevant work experience in the field of Construction
    • Strong knowledge and understanding in construction
    • Intermediate to advance skill in MS Office
    • Willing to be assigned in Brgy. Langgam, San Pedro, Laguna


  • Job description:
    • Manage and coordinate all aspects in different phases of the project. From the pre-construction stage, construction stage up to post-construction phase. Provide leadership and directs all groups involved in the success of the project.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Plan the over-all and specific requirement of the project (Housing, Land Development, Amenities)
    • Implement the project activities based on the schedule desired quality, within budget and safe manner.
    • Implement serious housekeeping program.
    • Prepare complete report that will update head office about status issues/concerns and recommended resolution developed with the site team.
    • Coordinate with other department in order to resolve concerns that they may help.
    • Establish meaningful relationship with relevant authorities.
    • Manage and control the deliverables commitment of admin/sub-con.
    • Monitor and control project performance.
    • Turn-over and preparation of project close-out.
    • Prepare and submit project operating plan
  • Qualifications:
    • With a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering preferably licensed
    • With at least (5) five years to (10) ten years work experience.
    • Proficient in written and oral communication skills, good human relation skills.

Property Administrator

  • Job description:
    • Responsible for turn-over of unites to buyer, attend HOA concern, peace and order, upkeep and maintenance of the subdivision including its amenities, and also responsible for maintaining of all RFO units.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Administer the readiness and friendly turn-over of the “Ready for Occupancy” units to homeowners.
    • Monitor and administer the day to day monitoring of subdivision upkeep, maintenance, security, peace and order and healthy environment of the subdivision.
    • Strictly enforce the Subdivision Deed of Restrictions and Rules and Regulation.
    • Coordinate with other departments in terms of promotions, events, collections, payment and requisitions.
    • Attend and accommodate buyers during their inspection and move-in, to guide and provide technical assistance in their inspection.
    • Address various complaints of homeowners and refer to each department concerns.
    • Prepare weekly reports to provide the department all the necessary data with regards to move-in statistics, by inspection and update of the status of RFO units, move-in and others.
    • Inspect/accept the units upon completion of construction.
    • Attend buyers’ concerns and provide necessary service on their transfer.
    • Facilitate efficient feedback system/coordination, communication that encourages inputs and information dissemination through constant follow-ups by way of all means of communications.
    • Recommend systems/method for continuous personal enhancement of trade development by attending work development and improvement by attending work-related seminars and other skills enhancement programs.
    • Perform other works which will be required by the management from time to time.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of BS Civil Engineering or Architecture
    • With a minimum of three (3) years relevant experience as Estate Engineer or Property Administrator preferably in a real estate company

Safety Officer

  • Job description:
    • Responsible for planning, implementing and overseeing company’s employee safety at work. Main duty is to ensure that the company is in compliance and adheres to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) guidelines.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Plan and implement OHS policies and programs.
    • Advise and lead employees on various safety-related topics.
    • Prepare educational seminars and webinars.
    • Review existing policies and procedures.
    • Adhere to all the rules and regulations.
    • Work with HR to set up a new employee on-boarding process for safety.
    • Conduct risk assessment.
    • Enforce preventative measures.
    • Identify process bottlenecks and offer timely solutions.
    • Check if all the employees are acting in adherence with rules and regulations.
    • Prepare and present reports on accidents and violations and determine causes.
    • Oversee workplace repair, installations and any other work that could harm employees’ safety.
  • Qualifications:
    • Nursing Graduate, preferably Registered Nurse. With valid competencies. Must possess a Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
    • With a minimum of two (2) years relevant experience as Safety Officer preferably in a real estate company. Familiarity with conducting data analysis and reporting statistics. Experience with writing policies and procedures for health and safety
    • Basic computer skills, Familiarity with conducting data analysis and reporting statistics
    • Proficient in MS Office, Working knowledge of safety management information system
    • Strong inter-personal and communication skills. Excellent knowledge of legislation and procedures. Excellent knowledge of potentially hazardous materials or practices

Senior Lead – Procurement

  • Job description:
    • Develop reliable pool of contracts for the timely completion of projects, by sourcing out contractors through referral system, site advertisement and promotion.
  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Issue to the contractors the pre-qualification requirement.
    • Review the company profiles of contractors and check completeness of documents.
    • Prepare and issue accreditation confirmation letter to qualified contractors.
    • Negotiate for volume discounts to obtain savings.
    • Prepare the pre-qualification evaluation report for approval of Procurement Head.
    • Generate POs in accordance to bill of materials and delivery schedule.
    • Emphasize to suppliers to deliver the goods base on the delivery dates indicated in the POs.
    • Follow-up suppliers for undelivered items.
    • Participate in the procurement and awarding of contracts to horizontal, vertical and land dev contractors.
    • Coordinate with Site Material Control Engineer and Warehousemen if necessary on material status at site.
    • Monitor from site compliance of suppliers of their deliveries to the required specifications.
    • Advise department manager or overdue accounts of supplies for payments.
  • Qualifications:
    • With a Bachelor’s Degree in any four year business course or Engineering
    • With at least six (6) year work experience in Procurement and Real Estate
    • Strong inter-personal and negotiation skills; Strong organization and communication skills