Easy Practices to Achieve Sustainable Lifestyle

You may have heard of this trend and movement about “sustainable living or sustainable lifestyle”. It is a practice where one prioritizes the use of natural and renewable resources instead of consuming and depleting environmental resources for future generations. Back in the 1960s, the back-to-the-land movement transpired; in the 1980s, Brundtland Report defined sustainable living as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Since then, several global organizations, influencers, celebrities, and environmental activists took the lead and encouraged people to take part in this movement. 

We are currently experiencing climate change and global warming, and it negatively affects our day-to-day lives; the extreme heat we feel inside or outside our home is just one issue. Perhaps, this might be a wake-up call for us to consider adapting actions for sustainable living. Start by changing how we do things, like choosing to consume products that help promote this movement of sustainability. These current changes in our lifestyle is bigger than we can imagine, and to help you grasp this idea, here are 4 simple tips to achieve sustainable living:

1. Declutter 

As simple as it is, this is your first step to realize how much you surround yourself with things that are not sustainable. It may be that cute top you just bought last week. Buying fast fashion is one example of how we deplete our environmental resources. Patronizing this would mean higher demand for the industry to keep up, resulting in mass production, and depletion of our resources, which we can use for more essential goods. One thing that we can do to address this is to consider buying pre-loved clothes at thrift stores or choose clothes that would last.  It may be more expensive than fads, but it can serve its purpose and will not go out of style.

Choose things you can let go of and donate them to non-profit organizations. You can also re-invent and upcycle items by giving them a new purpose after you consume — DIYing your empty wine bottle to be your new fancy vase or candleholder for dinner nights.

2. Reduce Waste

Choose items that would last a lifetime. You may start saying goodbye to all your plastic Tupperware or disposable items and replace them with more durable materials like glass or metal containers. It may not be cheaper, but it is guaranteed more efficient to have one durable cookware than to have several buys of disposable items.  Though if you still refuse to opt-out of those disposables, try to use eco-friendly and biodegradable containers as an alternative for your after-party take-outs.

3. Conserve Energy

Observing less use of energy does not only end in turning off the lights and unplugging appliances when not in use, but you can take it a notch higher by changing your current light bulbs into LED lights that require fewer watts, yet still serving their purpose. Hanging dry your clothes is also still more advisable than machine dry; use your microwave less by promoting “no left-overs” to your family and households. This is a win-win situation for the environment and us all because you get to save your electric bill while living in a sustainable household.

4. Support Local

Supporting the local market and its products also mean that we are supporting our farmers and patronizing our community. Similar to the clothing industry, the meat industry experiences scarcity. Some farms have no other choice but to practice cruel methods to mass-produce meat to keep up with our needs. What we can do is balance our meals with appropriate amounts of meat and green leafy vegetables coming from our local markets like SanJos Market — a community market within the projects of P.A. Properties located in Brgy. Tala, Caloocan City, Metro Manila, and the other is in Brgy. Langgam, San Pedro City, Laguna. It not only provides various goods for the community, but it also provides an opportunity to make a living.  

It may be hard to veer away from eating to our heart’s content, but let’s take this global pandemic as our reason to limit our visits to buffets and eat-all-you-can establishments. That way, we keep ourselves safe and healthy, and the meat, plenty!

The recent community pantry movement is just another variation of this lifestyle. It shares the same idea that we should only take and consume according to our necessities and not forget to bring it back to the community or the environment so we can all share its benefits. These are simple ways we can adapt to our daily lives. We believe it can bring great impact if we make it all a habit to attain sustainable living.

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