Easy Ways to Help #SaveTheEarth

The world continues to face numerous challenges such as the presence of the COVID-19 pandemic, worsening climate change, pollution, and other factors that cause damages to the environment and our daily living. Throughout the years, multiple efforts have been made by authorities and environmental organizations to counter these problems, however, along with those efforts, the challenges seem to progress quickly too.

One of the efforts made is the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) Initiative proposed by the Japanese in 2004 and officially launched in 2005. After 17 years of being implemented, several households in every country still have not completely incorporated this measure in their everyday life, so the desolated state of our environment today does not come much of a surprise. If we want to change this narrative, let’s start taking actions that can benefit our communities and the planet. 

Here are some small habits that we can practice to bring greater impacts:

1. Purchase pre-loved items.

You can start with small items such as clothes, bags, and even furniture to lessen the clutter on our planet. Shopping sustainably helps reduce waste, pollution, and of course since these goods cost less, you can also save yourself some money.

2. Plan itineraries efficiently.

Organize everything from where you want to go & what to buy to avoid going back and forth on the road every day. Also, go on necessary travels only as much as possible, and consider car-sharing with a colleague or a friend. Cutting back on unnecessary travel whether by land, sea or air can reduce our carbon footprint.

3. Utilise online services to its fullest.

Get used to having paperless transactions for your billing and payment. One of the best examples is by settling your mortgage with P.A. Properties through online banking and other online payment partners.

By fulfilling your obligations online, we can save the Earth from carbon dioxide emissions, and trees from being cut down. Plus, it could also help you save tons of physical space.

4. Plant trees.

This practice never gets old. It is now common knowledge that trees are important to our planet and lives — providing us food, shelter, and can even save us from natural disasters. That is why tree planting should not just be an occasional volunteering activity but something that we should normalize. We can start by planting in our backyards.

5. Learn from nature itself.

Explore a local park, go on a hike, or visit rivers near you. Carefully look around, ponder, and take time to appreciate nature and see its true value. Soon, you will naturally come up with brilliant ideas to help create a better environment.

If everyone is involved in making the world greener, it would make a huge difference in our lives. We can breathe cleaner air, enjoy beautiful surroundings, and be calmer during storms. Let’s be more considerate of how our actions impact the environment and make ways to improve our relationship with nature. After all, we have only #OneEarth.

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