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5 things you can do while staying home

Humans are innately sociable and every now and then we seek company to get by. As for Filipinos, we are very outdoorsy people and this is not at all surprising since most of us are naturally friendly and good-natured. While a community lockdown doesn’t offer the right environment for those who thrive in regular social interfaces, there are some things that you can do to make the most out of the ECQ.

1. Cleanliness is next to healthiness

Go for a general house cleaning. We don’t want cobwebs in Summer time. Moldy tiles and gray walls are a no-no during this pandemic. Always disinfect your surroundings as much as possible to keep yourself and those you love safe from any virus. Revisit your drawers and cabinets for unused clothes or items. Sort your clutter and segregate it into two categories: for giving and for keeping. Ask yourself if you can still use the item in the long run. if it doesn’t fit anymore but is still in good condition, or if you have the item for years but tend to not use it, maybe it is best to let it go.

2. Connect and catch up with the people you miss

A video phone call is just a tap away! We know how hard it is to miss someone, but we can always find creative ways to connect. Set up a virtual date with your friend over coffee; you may even dress up as if you are really in your favorite café. Connect with your family. We are all sharing the same worry and panic during these trying times and it really makes a difference to express your fears and reassurance to the people you care about and value most.

3. Every day is an opportunity for learning  Rekindle your passion.

Spend time on the hobbies that you haven’t done in a long time or make this community quarantine an opportunity to learn something you’ve always wanted to do. Let’s find the silver lining in this time of uncertainty and revive the personal interests we temporarily set aside in the past. Whether it’s finishing a 700-page novel, learning how to paint, discovering a new dance step or taking voice lessons, you are bound to discover a new facet of yourself with every new hobby.

4. Take a break

We know how overwhelming these trying times can be, so why not take a break from everything? Try the social media cleanse for 7 days. You can do this by turning your phone off, or simply disconnecting from your home WiFi to practice a healthy mental state. Don’t worry; you can always check the news for any updates once in a while if you are doing this.

5. Widen the circle of compassion 

Share your home- cooked meals to your neighbors or try offering help to those who need it. You can also give strays some leftover food or send donations to groups who give out food or protective equipment to frontliners. Whatever you do, remember that staying home doesn’t mean you have to stay idle. Every day offers a new opportunity to do new things … even if you’re just inside your home.




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