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Homeownership journey in P.A. Properties made easy with Home Info+

A mobile app that was initially introduced to Idesia homebuyers is now available for P.A. Properties.

Home Info+ (Hi+) will make your homeownership journey hassle-free. It allows you to access the status of your account from reservation up to house construction real-time. It also has a chat facility where you can directly send inquiries or even your home loan requirements without the need of risking yourself outside. 

This mobile app can be downloaded in Google Playstore and AppStore.

Walkthrough and guide:

1. Registration Process

Open the downloaded app on your mobile phone and register an account for free on the log-in screen.

1.1. Input Customer Information Number (CIN), Last Name, and First Name then click the “Submit” button to proceed to the next step. Input desired Username, Mobile no., Email Address and Password then click the “Submit” button.

Note: If you don’t know your CIN, you may reach out to our Customer Service Representative at custcareadvisory@paproperties.com.ph or +63 998 5849861.

1.2. Review the details you have entered. There is an option to edit the details for correction purposes, otherwise, click “Ok” to proceed.

1.3. Read the Terms and Conditions and click the checkbox to proceed. After clicking the “Proceed” button an email verification will be sent to your email.

1.4. On your email, Click “Activate my Account”.

2. Login

Input your login credentials, then click the “Login” button.

3. Home Screen

See the overview of your account on the dashboard. It contains all the recent status from your Reservation to Construction.

4. Menu Navigation

On the top left corner of the application, press the toggle button (3-lined icon) to see the menu. You can check the status of your Reservation, Construction, Payments, Documents, and soon the Move-in updates.

5. Chat

If you have any inquiries or concerns, click the chat button on the top right corner of the application; and speak to our Customer Service Representatives.

As P.A. Properties aims to serve you better than before, we will keep working hard to create new ideas and innovations for the future — like how we continue to build and fulfill every Filipino dream to have their own home.

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