How to celebrate Holidays in 2021?

The year has quickly gone by, and now we are almost down to the last stretch of 2021. With a month left before Christmas, there may still be some of you who haven’t put up their decorations yet — but worry not, because you still have enough time to showcase your creativity & design skills in the limelight. 

Community restrictions have eased out a bit, so maybe we can look forward to a more festive mood compared to last year’s Holiday. However, it is recommended that we still be extra cautious during this holiday season. While there are fun things that can be done outdoors — and we know you miss it — celebrating with a huge crowd is something you still need to consider.

This Holiday, how about we celebrate in a “not-very-normal” way and level up the fun while being safe and secured at home.

1. Holiday presents at your doorstep

Because it is a season of giving, gifts are always welcome. A present is a present, either personally handed or sent through the mail, it is pretty much the same — it still warms the heart of the receiver. Since online shopping became the thing these prior years, why not try to surprise your friends or family with unexpected parcel delivery. 

Reminder: Just make sure you paid it as you hit that order button.

2. Introduce a New Tradition

Do things that you haven’t done with your family yet over the last Holidays. It can be as simple as bonding over Holiday movies, requiring every member to bake their own cake or anything that can make the whole family involved in preparations.

But here’s a good tip. Start a tradition of expressing gratitude. Sit down with your family and let everyone tell the things they are grateful for this year. It would be good for the heart and soul to recount stories of blessings.

3. Have a Family Photo in an organized theme

This coming Holiday is supposed to be a happy event, so would you rather be basic or be a little extra? Themes and costumes aren’t for company gatherings only, you can do this at home as well. You’ll be surprised by the beautiful and fun appearances that your family members and relatives will come up with. 

Tip: Spice up the night by having performances or a fashion show.  

4. Level-up the Menu

It’s okay to skip the local and traditional Holiday menu or perhaps change some of it. Opt for something different this year, like foods you haven’t tried yet. You can create a new recipe or just order it from different restaurants.

5. Set a Virtual Gathering

Greet your family and friends through a video call and let them see what you are up to. Having an “online kamustahan” can brighten up the mood of your celebration. You can also opt to leave the video and camera on so that you can see what is happening in each other’s places and maybe do the same thing at the same time — as if you are celebrating together.

There is no specific way on how one should celebrate Holidays. If you’ve got something up your sleeve on how to make this season more fun than ever, by all means, do it — as long as it keeps everyone safe and secure. What matters is that people understand the essence of the celebration and that everyone is happy.

In terms of happiness, here is an additional tip we can give you to make your celebration more exciting. Surprise your family with something that lasts a lifetime and makes your progress tangible. Give them the gift of a new home.

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