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Innovation propels Laguna-based developer to achieve success in housing development

Innovation, disruption, change — these words are not generally associated with the real estate industry. But in a digital age where consumers’ expectations are shifting, that is rapidly evolving. The industry must provide a faster, less paper-intensive process and give consumers more control.

When it comes to technological advancements, P.A. Alvarez Properties & Development Corporation (P.A. Properties), the country’s largest developer of affordable housing south of Manila, recognizes that the industry has been quite behind. To be able to compete in a volatile marketplace, the company knows that it has to up its game and looks at how to upgrade its operations to create better customer experiences.

“What people are looking for has changed in the last five years as fast-paced technological and social change transform how people live and work. Technology is now playing a critical role in our sector so we started embarking on a digital transformation in our processes and operations to better respond to our stakeholders,” shared Reynaldo Ascaño, Senior Executive Vice President of P.A. Properties.

In terms of building technology, P.A. Properties now employs several modern techniques like Cast-in-Place (CIP) technology, where locally supplied ready-mix concrete or site mix mortar, steel reinforcement and plastic formwork are delivered to the construction site, allowing concrete and mortar structures to be produced at the project site. This makes the construction process more efficient, allowing single-storey units to be finished in 25 days while two-storey units, in mere 45 days.

Ascaño adds, “Meeting the ever-growing demand for real estate is hard. But with the advancements in construction techniques, it is now possible to construct projects in less time.”

As it adopts new building techniques, P.A. Properties also set up several customer-friendly innovations including Hi+ (Home Info Plus), a one-stop portal (mobile app) for the company’s home buyers where they can check their account information from reservation up to move-in phase. The app also has a chat support function where buyers can directly channel their concerns and inquiries to a dedicated customer care representative. Gone are the days when buyers need to shuttle back and forth from their homes to the broker’s office in order to reserve units, submit documents, check on the status of construction, pay for monthly amortizations, and so on. Now, all this can be done whenever, wherever.

There’s also a centralized communication tool used to send advice to P.A. Properties customers called eCast (email and SMS notifications) wherein reminders, announcements, follow-ups etc. can be sent via email and SMS.

Lastly, there’s the Customer Care Hub, an integrated, process-driven service center that allows customers direct access to customer care ambassadors who are best equipped to respond to concerns and inquiries.

“P.A. Properties is all about making the Filipinos’ home ownership journey as easy and as painless as possible. Innovation, for us, is more than just a strategic imperative. We are continuously cultivating a culture of innovation across the company, encouraging creativity, lifelong learning, taking calculated risks and openness in everything we do. Only by embracing the spirit of innovation can we truly survive the challenges of a booming real estate industry,” said Mr. Ascaño.



About P.A. Properties:
For 24 years, Laguna-based P.A. Alvarez Properties and Development Corporation (P.A. Properties) has established itself a name in the competitive Philippine real estate industry by enabling the public to have their dream homes at affordable rates and payment schemes.

P.A. Properties, which has a capitalization of PHP3.3 billion (as of October 2018) and has already built about 19,000 housing units in Laguna, Batangas, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, and Metro Manila, continues to embark on strategic expansion efforts to further build 25 additional housing communities in the next five years to help ease the more than 6 million housing backlog in the Philippines and contribute to the growth of the economy as well.

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