Kids’ Creative Nook at Home Ideas

Kids are meant to enjoy childhood and have fun, and we, as adults, need to make sure that happens by strolling them to malls, amusement, and food parks, or letting them spend time with friends outdoors. These outdoor activities are absolutely enjoyable, yet risky because of the pandemic. But of course, we don’t want to spoil the children’s fun, so instead of just waiting for the situation to normalize, let’s take the fun indoors and lift their moods. How about giving them their own fun spaces at home?

The bedroom is an area in the house that defines personal territory. It is a space where we surround ourselves with things we like and gives us a sense of comfort; and the good feeling it brings is something that kids should also experience, especially after being cooped up in the house for so long. With their various hobbies, interests, and passions, there are a lot of creative ideas that we can incorporate in their own space, to make sure that their home feels less suffocating and becomes more of a happy place. 

Here are some roomspirations you may use:

1. Indoor Camping

This is a perfect way to bring the outdoors inside your home. You can set it up just like how you do it outside. Maybe you can pitch a tent, or DIY with blankets and pillows to build a fort. Don’t forget to place some lights and other camping decors to really set the ambiance.

2. Art Studio or Gallery

Bring out the hidden Picasso within your children. Influence their creativity by turning the room into a mini art studio or gallery. Start by placing a few art pieces in the wall, and have an easel stand and canvas board ready in the corner. Don’t forget to give praise and encourage them to be confident to display their artworks.

3. Athletic Room

Are your children a bit on the sporty side? Well don’t worry, sports can be played inside your home as well, without worrying about your furniture being broken. Find the perfect spot where you can attach a mini basketball hoop. You can be creative by painting the side walls with wall arts or decors — can be associated with their favorite team or other fun stuff that can entice them to play. You can also install obstacle courses, like climbing walls in case that they get tired or bored of playing basketball.

4. Traveler’s Room

We, adults, crave so much to go outside and travel, how much more with our children who are ever curious about what is outside their home? Teach them that their world doesn’t just revolve around the corners of your home. Place a big world map or tapestry on your wall, and mark the places where you have been or want to visit next once the pandemic settles down. This will not only bring excitement about the next places your family intends to go to, but this will also help children familiarize themselves with geography. To add mood, display a few mini globes, airplanes, and a few pictures from your travels.

5. Superstar Room

Make space for the next superstar! Create a mini-curtained stage in the corner of the room and hang a few costumes that your kids can change into. To complete the ambiance, place a few chairs for the audience to sit. This can give your little kid a confidence boost.

6. Author’s Room

Give your child a perfect writing & reading spot in your home. Place a table on a spot with perfect lighting to get their creativity working. Put up a shelf of their favorite books and references, and display a few frames of motivational quotes.

Did you know that colors can impact our mood? So if you design a room where learning is the focus, don’t forget to choose the right color. Based on research, the color blue best suits to promote learning at home. Aside from this color representing the sky and the sea, blue is associated with intelligence, freedom, imagination, and inspiration. It also stimulates productivity.

Reflecting children’s hobbies or interests in their rooms brings them joy, comfort, and good childhood memories. If there’s another benefit we may add, well, it will limit their gadget screen time, therefore reducing possible health risks. Considering these reasons, it is only right to start making your kid’s bedroom makeover. Aside from your children’s bedrooms, you can also make use of spare rooms or empty corners in the house. Choose from the abovementioned roomspirations or you may design your own. Have fun decorating!

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