Lead Architect for Horizontal Projects

  • Prepares and Supervises BP220 Schematic/Conceptual Plans, Design Development Drawings (Permit Plans) up to Construction Documentation drawings. Conducts quality checking on the constructed housing model units and amenities.
  • During data gathering stage, supervises his/her team in determining client’s goals and requirements for the project and creates a project timeline for the project.
  • Conceptualize plans (both 2D and 3D) and prepare marketing collaterals during the Schematic Stage.
  • Perform necessary drawing task needed for the Permit Plans during the Design Development Stage ensuring that all works are carried out to specific and standard building code, guidelines and regulations.
  • Prepare Final Construction Drawings and printed copies to be distributed to Purchasing and Construction.
  • During construction stage, He/She will do site visits and supervises the quality of products such as Model units, Showcase areas, Landscaping and Amenity Areas.
  • Prepare reports such as monthly updates reports of his/her section and help assist in the preparation of execom reports, Project Operating Plan (POP) and Key Results Area (KRA).
  • Perform other jobs as may be required.
  • With a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture or other related courses
  • With at least (2) years work experience in designing and planning for BP220
  • Basic computer skills, Autocad, Sketchup and 3D rendering skills
  • Proficient in written and oral communication skills, good human relation skills, reporting skills
  • With solid understanding of architectural theories and building code standards especially in BP220


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