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Sales and Marketing Assistant

Your applying for the position of
Sales and Marketing Assistant
for Batangas Site Office

  • Duties and responsibilities:
    • Processes the daily reservation of units by:
      • Checking the availability of the unit/s for reservation
      • Assisting the buyers in accomplishing all required documents
      • Reviewing and evaluating the documents submitted by brokers
    • Computing for any discount if buyer settles the full payment
    • Coordinates the credit interview and CMAP requirements prior to actual reservation of units; ensures completeness of buyers’ documents prior to credit checking.
    • Ensures that at the end of the day, all reservations made are properly encoded in the MIS
    • Prints Contract of Sell for signature of the buyer; forwards documents to Sales Administration Unit. upon accomplishment by the buyer and approval by the Sales Supervisor.
    • Informs buyers to undergo credit interviews; reminds buyers to comply with all necessary documentation
    • Prepares required reports related to actual sales booking.
    • Coordinates with other units regarding the status of sales accounts in terms of payments and other sales concerns.
    • Responsible in forwarding requests or routing requests of buyers to various departments relative to the following:
      • Transfer of units
      • Change of financing
      • Cancellation or voluntary back-out
      • Undertaking of buyers
      • Submission of lacking documents
      • Dissemination of counseling schedules
      • Other special requests of buyers that may affect their previous reserved unit
      • Assists brokers and agents on the release of their cash advances
      • Provides brokers and agents with updated information on inventories, promotional activities and other related sales updates
      • Performs other sales and marketing related duties as instructed by the Sales Supervisor and Department Head.
  • Qualifications:
    • Graduate of any business-related course.
    • With at least one (1) year experience in Sales and Marketing work, preferably in the real estate industry
    • Proficient in written and oral communication skills; high customer service orientation


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