Start at Your Home: Putting End to Gender Stereotypes

Being born male or female is never our choice; Scientifically, we have labeled assigned sex upon birth based on anatomy. However, these labels do not consider how a person truly feels inside. An individual may identify himself as male, female, somewhere in between, or something else altogether. 

Gender is much more complex than it seems because of traditions and culture that have set the standards on how an individual appears, behaves, or acts in society. People are compelled to conform to these social standards ⁠— to avoid being an object of criticism. As a result, it becomes difficult to express themselves freely and hinders them from being treated equally and accepted for who they are. Fortunately, as years go by, people are growing more open-minded and brave enough to voice their concerns about equality and inclusion.

If you are one of the people who hope for a change and willing to be an advocate for putting an end to gender stereotypes, you can do it at home, starting with your little ones. Here are some tips on how:

1. Steer away from the idea of gender roles.

Many of our elders were brought up with a belief that a man should work and a woman’s place is in the kitchen or home. But presently, this is gradually changing as we see a lot of women — married or single — working alongside men and actively getting their seats at the table. While some men are good at domestic work — Cleaning after their mess, taking care of kids, and cooking (even better).

With the world evolving, our children need to understand that all genders are equal whether inside or outside the home. We can teach this lesson by making them a schedule for a day that includes simple chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the yard, helping at the store, or harvesting crops — no one gets exempted, even adults. Hopefully, instill a mindset that a professional career and helping at home are jobs for both genders.

2. Acknowledge that children can have dreams of their own.

Let us give our support by hearing them out. If our child’s dream is to become a pilot, a fashion designer, or a business tycoon, let them savor the sweetness of having those dreams instead of forcing our ideas onto them. Never crush it with rejections, because this might affect them to think freely and creatively.

Remember that career knows no gender, and people’s potentials are not confined to their pronouns. There are even famous and successful personalities here and abroad who have proven their excellence in a craft mainly dominated by a specific gender.

3. Allow children to make friends with any gender in the spectrum.

Being friends with people of different genders helps them grow relationships, build confidence and learn good communication skills. It also gives them a chance to explore different interests. Moreover, we prevent them from being gender stereotypes because they get to understand and appreciate diversity. But of course, it is important that we still guide and watch over our children and the friendships they form.

Equals. That is how we all should be. In any situation, equal opportunities, equal rights, and equal acceptance in the community are something that we should all have. Gender preference should not be an issue because it is never a hindrance for people to excel in their crafts, and does not affect our value as human beings. Remember that when there are no biases or stereotyping — people grow and tend to become better versions of themselves. That is why it is significant that we impart to our children the essence of gender equality and inclusion, starting in our own homes.

Next to our homes, having a workplace that values diversity and inclusion is also important in strengthening our advocacy for equality. Take a look at the opportunities offered by P.A. Properties.

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