Teacher (Schola Angelicus)

  • Responsible for providing his utmost knowledge and skills in molding children academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Prepare and submit functional, appropriate, adequate and updates lesson plans.
  • Prepare and use functional, appropriate, adequate and updated instructional materials.
  • Implement innovative teaching strategies (variety of methods) suited to the individual needs of students and consider the following:
    1. Method is sequentially and logically arranged.
    2. Strategies are congruent to the lesson objectives.
    3. Questioning techniques encourage higher-level thinking skills.
  • Ensure classroom arrangement and environment are suitable and conducive for learning.
  • Manage the discipline of pupils including classroom rules, guidelines and individual and group tasks.
  • Assess pupils’ learning outcomes for the following: a) written works, b) performance tasks, c) quarterly assessment and submit them on time.
  • Conduct enrichment and intervention programs (Alternative Delivery Mode) and effectively address needs of students of different levels.
  • Manage pertinent records (SF1, SF2, Form 137, Form 138, student portfolio, etc.) and submit them to superiors and office.
  • Conduct homeroom, PTC (Parent-Teacher Conference), STC (Student-Teacher Conference etc.) to enhance pupil learning, pupil achievement and school programs.
  • Ensure that learning competencies are met and appropriately adjust level of teaching or activities for class or individual pupil.
  • With a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education/BEED/BSED
  • With or without experience
  • Excellent classroom management skills, excellent communication and human relation skills, analytical and problem solving skills, decision making skills, stress management skills and time management skills.


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