Anne Frank once stated, “No one has ever become poor by giving.” When we give, we make the world abundant with kindness and joy. Even though it is not always easy to be generous, there is happiness that we receive when giving, and that is the greatest reward.  

Since the holiday season is fast approaching, it is time that we remember the true essence of giving. It isn’t about outshining our friend or neighbor’s gift, nor buying lavish items on our kid’s wish list. Technically, it is considered an act of giving, but we can never put a price on kindness. It is about the heart of the giver because giving stems from love.

To further elaborate on the true essence of giving, here are some ideas you can do to show generosity towards yourself and others:

1. Spend Time Without Distractions

They say busy people are good partners in life, aside from being a good provider to the family, they are focused on building a better future. However, for love to flourish, spending quality time together and having the proper communication are necessary. When we say quality time, it isn’t just simply going out. Make your time together more valuable by going on a date without distractions. Put your phones away and enjoy each other’s company without all the noise from work calls and emails.

Remember, time is a precious gift.

2. Make Yourself a Priority

Giving is not only intended for others. You owe it to yourself as well. You are entitled to give yourself the care you deserve – take a vacation, eat in a fancy restaurant, get the degree you’ve always dreamed of, buy a new phone, or give yourself a break. Whatever it is that you want to do, just do it. The best time to love and care for yourself is every day because self-love is not an aftercare program, but a daily activity.

Give yourself the right amount of love so that you may be able to spread love to others too.

3. Go Volunteering

Make use of your time, skill, or resources well. There are a lot of charitable institutions that need help. You can volunteer for one whose mission resonates with you. That way, you’d be more enthusiastic about what you do. Another option would be to look out for your elderly neighbors and ask them for things you can give help.

Sometimes, you don’t need to go far from home. Just look around and you’ll find plenty of things to do and give help.

4. Lend an Ear

Check on your friends and listen to their stories. Some of your friends may be dealing with difficult issues in life and need someone to talk to, or there may be some who need a person to share their proud moments with. 

Whichever the case may be, being present for a friend is a great present.

5. Warmth of a Home

Every child desires to give back the love they have received from their parents. And more often than not, a home is always on the very top of the list that we, as sons and daughters, want to provide to express our gratitude. Moreover, giving them a warm home with a better environment and accessibility would ensure their safety and comfort.

Fortunately, P.A. Properties is here that prioritizes your parents’ safety and comfort as much as you do. 

Giving comes in different forms. It can be through money, gifts, or service, but what matters the most is the heart of the giver, because true generosity rewards people with pure joy. There are endless opportunities around us to give, and we hope you take those chances. After all, no one has ever become poor by giving. So ask yourself, “What can I give?”

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